Collection: Paintings from J. Zhao

Art has always been my passion since I can remember, though it took a long time and courage for me to call it a profession. I spent quite some time in school: earned my Ph.D. in education and worked briefly in academia, teaching and doing research.

My new job titles both as an artist and art teacher, however, began when I started homeschooling my kids during the pandemic. I like to share my artwork and activities on various social media, and from there I get people interested in buying my art and asking me to be their kids’ art instructor. And that is how I embark on this new chapter of my life, and in a way fulfilling my dream to be an artist when I was a kid.

Nature is my primary source of inspiration. The colors in the natural world, the mountains, rivers, clouds, and many more are the magic and beauty that speak to us and bring us boundless peace and joy. Through the use of watercolors and acrylics on canvas, I want to delve into the beauty of our surroundings and bring that joy and peace to all of us.

J. Zhao